Paddygrass - The Bog

New Mountain Banjo!

I recently had John Peterson make me a fretless mountain banjo. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. It has wormy chestnut hoops and a walnut neck. To say that this is a new journey that will…

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St. Paddygrass Festivities!


Many Irish bands book the majority of their gigs around this time of year. Even though Paddygrass plays all year round we still have more shows in March spread all over the midwest. If we're playing in your area, come…

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Chill out with Paddygrass this fall

It's been hot and muggy lately and the only mug I really like is a cold one. Great news, all the venues we play, serve great beer. Now that the evenings are getting cooler we have the low…

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Party with Paddygrass all Summer long!

Welcome to Summer Paddygrassers! 

I'm about to go camping with my Boy Scout Troop. When I get back it's wall to wall gigs - Weddings, Pig Roasts, Festivals, Breweries and backyard shenanigans! Now that's an interesting combination. I'm…

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A busy Spring brings new growth!

So there comes a time in every band's life when they get really busy. We've been together 10 years. Now it's our time. Now, more brew pubs, bars  restaurants and festivals are coming to us. Several venues have actually…

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Happy New Year from Paddygrass

A year is made up of many things 

We want to take the time to wish you a year full of music, friendship and happiness. Our music and the venues we play at, bring people together. That's what…

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